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Core Nets

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The Insights and The Visions


The Ultimate Optimization Problem: How to Best Use Every Square Meter of the Earth's Surface

Who Controls and Rules The World

The Energy Challenge

Political Economy

The Rise of Homo Deus

The new political divide

Homo Sapiens

The Evolution of Consciousness

Biased Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Knowledge representation



EU Rules


Future Networks


Building tomorrow’s telecommunications network today


Fixed Access Networks



Unified Net Access

Voice & Data Nets



Wireless Networks


6th Sense




WiMAX Ecosystem

WiMAX Mobile Broadband Solutions

Intel WiMAX investments worldwide




SIP-I Session Control Protocol

3G in Turkey


The Turkish Mobile Market




4G: The Battle Intensifies

4G Mobile Broadband

New Spectrum Paves Way to 4G

4G Race? LTE versus Mobile WIMAX


Analysis, Design and Evaluation of Wireless Satellite Systems and Networks



Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Broadband Satellite Tech Sector

Wireless Satellite Systems and Networks: Starlink

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) Satellite:  Palomar survey instrument analyzes impact of Starlink satellites

Engineering Lunar Network 2.0

GPS: Hyper-accurate positioning is rolling out worldwide


Wireless Power: Foundations of Wireless Information and Power Transfer: Theory, Prototypes, and Experiments




Mobile World Congress review - Playing it safe


Fixed or Wireless Optical Access or Transport Systems & Networks


IoT: Systems and Networks for IoT (Internet of Things or Everthing)




Power Networks: Smart Grids, Power Networks Management, PLC, Power Protection Networks, Power Networks Security


Core Networks - Wide Area Networks (WAN)


IMS: IP Based Multimedia System - Core Networks








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About TACS

TACS Consulting Delivers The Insight and Vision on Information Communication and Energy Technologies for Strategic Decisions.

TACS is Pioneer and Innovator of many Communication Signal Processors, Optical Modems, Optimum or Robust Multi-User or Single-User MIMO Packet Radio Modems, 1G Modems, 2G Modems, 3G Modems, 4G Modems, 5G Modems, 6G Modems, Satellite Modems, PSTN Modems, Cable Modems, PLC Modems, IoT Modems and more..

TACS consultants conducted fundamental scientific research in the field of communications and are the pioneer and first inventors of PLC MODEMS, Optimum or Robust Multi-User or Single-User MIMO fixed or mobile packet radio structures in the world.

TACS is a leading top consultancy in the field of Information, Communication and Energy Technologies (ICET). The heart of our Consulting spectrum comprises strategic, organizational, and technology-intensive tasks that arise from the use of new information and telecommunications technologies. TACS Consulting offers Strategic Planning, Information, Communications and Energy Technology Standards and Architecture Assessment, Systems Engineering, Planning, and Resource Optimization.



TACS is a leading top consultancy in the field of information, communication and energy technologies (ICET).


The heart of our consulting spectrum comprises strategic, organizational, and technology-intensive tasks that arise from the use of new information, communication and energy technologies. 
The major emphasis in our work is found in innovative consulting and implementation solutions which result from the use of modern information, communication and energy technologies.



  • Delivers the insight and vision on technology for strategic decisions
  • Drives innovations forward as part of our service offerings to customers worldwide 
  • Conceives integral solutions on the basis of our integrated business and technological competence in the ICET sector 
  • Assesses technologies and standards and develops architectures for fixed or mobile, wired or wireless communications systems and networks
  • Provides the energy and experience of world-wide leading innovators and experts in their fields for local, national or large-scale international projects.







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