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Fixed Networks
Wireless Networks

Communication Technology

Our clients can rely on us for services involving the analysis, conception, planning, choice, implementation, optimization and the operation of communications platforms and systems. We master conventional and innovative technologies and architectures in fixed or mobile, wired or wireless data and telecom networks including deep know-how regarding the benefit potential and cost structure. In system design we pay particular attention to scalability, flexibility, reliability and interoperability as well as to the suitability of the platforms’ investment and operational costs.
Our core competences and services are:
  •  Technology Strategy 
  •  Licence Bidding 
  •  Architecture Design
  •  Service & Infrastructure Planning
  •  Tendering & Vendor Selection 
  •  Technical Network Audit
  •  Platform Analysis & Optimization
  •  Technology Life Cycle Management
  •  Network Security & Technical Fraud Prevention
  •  Quality Assurance & Operation Efficiency
  •  Operation Management
  •  Strategic Network Outsourcing




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