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WiMax - Mobilizing the Internet

IEEE WiMax Tutorial Summary

Broadband wireless access (BWA) is viewed by both telephone and cable operators as a disruptive technology and rightly so. The broadcast nature of wireless transmission offers ubiquity and immediate access for both fixed and mobile users, clearly a vital element of next-generation quadruple play services involving voice, video, data, and mobility. WiMax is a promising BWA option that includes many powerful wireless features. This tutorial aims to provide the participant with a strong foundation on the IEEE 802.16 standard. Topics covered include the physical (PHY) layer, adaptive modulation and coding, OFDM and OFDMA, multiple antenna systems, medium access control (MAC), TDD and FDD transmission, frame formats, quality of service, security, mobility support, deployment considerations, the WiMax Forum, ongoing 802.16 projects, and 802.16 performance evaluation using OPNET

Please click on the hyperlink below to access the Tutorial: WiMax - Mobilizing the Internet of Benny Bing, Georgia Institute of Technology.





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